Norwegian Business Association Korea

How to Join

Membership Application


Follow 3 steps to become an NBA member.

1) Select your membership

  • Company Membership (KRW 220,000 per annum)

For companies and branch or representative offices in Korea with direct Norwegian interest.

  • Individual Membership   (KRW 66,000 per annum)

For resident staff (employees or contracted personnel) in companies in Korea as defined above.

  • Special Membership   (KRW 33,000 per annum)

For Norwegian citizens resident in Korea, or other individuals who are engaged in business or profession in Korea but whose company cannot qualify directly as per above. Typically Norwegians working for Korean or other non-Norwegian companies or Koreans with special interest in the Korea-Norway relationship.  Not entitled to vote at the General Meeting.

2) Submit your application

To: Yeunkyung Yoo at the Norwegian Embassy in Seoul

Email: / Tel. no.:   (02) 727-7157

3) Pay membership fee

Bank name:  KEBHana Bank

Account No.: 174-890134-86605

Account name:  NBAKOREA

* The membership entitles you and your spouse to attend NBA arrangements.